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Flexi Neck 180 Degree Tool Holder

SkyVac Flexi Neck 180° Degree Tool Holder


The skyVac® Flexi Neck 180 degree Tool Holder is Ideal for overhead gutter clearing projects, such as tight pathways and narrow access projects. Attaching securely to the 44mm skyVac® Suction Poles, the tool holder accommodates a variety of end tools for precise overhead cleaning results.

Please Note: skyVac® 44mm suction poles and end tools are sold separately.

£36.00 (Ex.Vat £30.00 )

SkyVac Flexi Neck Tool Holder.

The Flexi Neck Tool Holder features a 180 degree bend, useful for complicated angles in the gutter.

It holds a variety of end tools for more versatile cleaning, and the ability to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks.

This Gutter End Tool Holder is useful for narrow side paths and alleyways, giving you the perfect angle, for reaching up to the gutters.


Key Features of the Gutter End Tool Holder:

  • Compatible with skyVac® Suction Poles
  • It fits a variety of existing skyVac® end tools and brushes for customisable cleaning
  • For cleaning in narrow areas around the property


  • 44mm Diameter
  • Angle/Bend: 180°
  • Material: Silicone

Package Contains

  •  1x Flexi Neck 180 Degree Tool Holder

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