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SkyVac Hi-Flow End Tool

SkyVac Elite Hi-Flow End Tool


This funnel style skyVac® Elite Hi-Flow End Tool, has been designed to help remove pine needles efficiently.

£36.00 (Ex.Vat £30.00 )

SkyVac Elite Hi-Flow End Tool.

The SkyVac Elite Hi-Flow End Tool, has an extra wide funnel opening, designed to remove pine needles effectively.

Sometimes you need a little more space to breathe … our high-flow end tool does just that!

This piece of equipment helps to improve the circulation around lighter and more pilable gutter debris.

For Pine Needles:

Unlike leaves and moss, pine needles are incredibly resilient and slow to decompose … if they’re up there, they’re not going away!

But not to worry, we’ve found the solution. The wide mouth attachment allows the air to move around the needles and ease them in smaller manageable chunks, into the suction poles.

Post Roof Clean Moss Crumbs:

Dealing with the clean up after scraping a roof? We know how difficult those moss bobbles can be! The large surface area of the mouth means a faster clean up and when used with the SkyVac Hairpin Neck … you’re now on to a winner.


Key Features of the Hi-Flow End Tool:

  • Compatible with Elite Poles, simply connect using the Rigid Neck Tool
  • Effectively clears gutters of troublesome pine needles
  • Slots neatly into the SkyVac Elite Anti-Block Hairpin Neck tool holder


To watch our equipment in action, check out our Youtube Channel here!


  • 270mm length
  • Diameter at opening end: 120mm x 75mm
  • Weight: 110g

Package Contains

  • 1 x skyVac® Hi-Flow End Tool

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