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Wire Reinforced Vacuum hose 50mm

Wire Reinforced Vacuum hose (50-51mm Diameter)


Hardworking & Hardwearing – it’s lighter, sturdier and less prone to kinks. 

The robust, yet lightweight build of the 50-51mm wire reinforced suction hose is an ideal companion for your skyVac gutter Vacuum.  Engineered to withstand with the rigours of gutter clearing, the wire framework creates a smoother passageway for debris, to minimise blockages, improve air circulation and deliver faster results.

• Compatible with the skyVac InterceptorIndustrial 85 and Commercial

Available in 3 lengths: 5m, 7.5m and 10m 

Listing is for wire reinforced suction hose only, does not include end cuffs.



The new wire reinforced vacuum hose gives you the freedom and flexibility to focus on the gutter clearing job above – and not on your suction hose!

Constructed from wire reinforced high-grade pvc, the vacuum hose has a sturdy build whilst being lightweight, supple, easy to manoeuvre and less inclined to kink.  The robust sleeve framework creates a smoother inner passageway for better air and debris circulation and less risk of blockages vs standard ridged hose constructions.   Quite simply put, it’s hardworking and hardwearing, making gutter clearance easier, more effective and hassle free.

50-51mm diameter, the suction hose is compatible with 50mm entry ports as featured on the skyVac® Mighty Atom, Interceptor, Industrial 85 and Commercial.

Listing is for the hose only, Vac & Pole cuffs are sold separately.

Available in 3 lengths: 5 metres, 7.5 metres and 10 metres.  


Key Features:

  • Robust plastic-coated spring steel wire reinforced framework to prevent hose collapsing or kinking.
  • Smooth inner passageway for improved debris and air movement.
  • Lightweight high grade pvc for ease of movement.
  • 1/3 lighter than standard hose (400gms vs 600gms per metre).
  • 50-51mm diameter.
  • Attaches securely to skyVac® vacuums and poles with a cuff (Not included).
  • Compatible with 50mm Vacuum Port:  The skyVac  Mighty Atom / Commercial / Industrial 85 / Interceptor 
  • Not suitable for 38mm Vacuum Port:  The skyVac Atom


Shop Hose Cuffs here:

Image featured is for demonstration only.  


Available in 3 Length options:

  • 5 metres
  • 7.5 metres
  • 10 metres.

Diameter: 50-51mm

Weight:  400gms per metre

Not suitable 38mm Vacuum Port:  The skyVac Atom, Internal 27, & Internal 30

Suitable: 50mm Vacuum Port:  The skyVac Mighty Atom / Commercial / Industrial 85 / Internal 78 /Interceptor

Package Contains

Wire Reinforced Vacuum hose

Cuffs are sold separately,

Hose is compatible with skyVac models with 50mm Vacuum Port:  The skyVac Mighty Atom / Commercial / Industrial 85 / Interceptor

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