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The In & Out Package

The In & Out Package


Save up to £930 on items purchased individually!

The In & Out Package, is a robust gutter cleaning and internal, high level cleaning set. A great cost effective package, which will last for years to come.

Now includes the “Vac Release Elite Pole.” The quickest and safest way to release grass turfs and dirt from the end of your suction pole.

skyVac Elite Poles PATENT PENDING (Application No. GB1713830.6)



The In & Out Package. 

The In & Out Package … Save up to £702 by buying this package (compared to buying items separately)

By combining the two systems, we can offer you the best of both worlds and a great discount as well.

SkyVac® Industrial 85

  • Three industrial strength vacuum motors giving huge suction power of 150 inches of water lift (most 3 motor vacuum will give 90″ water lift)
  • Side port entrance eliminating time consuming blockages associated with front entrance machines
  • Unique Power Mix feature gives 50% more suction lift power than its nearest rival
  • All terrain steel tipping chassis with stainless steel container
  • Locking front castors
  • New and improved skyVac® Elite poles – lightest wright to size ratio
  • New Vac Release Pole – simply twist the door to release turf to the floor!

SkyVac® Internal 30: 

  • Internal vacuuming up to 40ft (12 metres)
  • Trolley mounted
  • Fitted basket
  • Commercial build for the toughest of cleaning demands

Recordable High Level Inspection Camera:

  • Featuring a large 4.3″ TFT LCD screen for high colour and high contrast viewing
  • To use, attach to the SkyVac Telescopic Pole (sold separately)
  • With the option to take both photos and videos
  • Instant playback on screen, or transfer to your phone, tablet or PC



skyVac® Industrial 85:

Motor Wattage:3300 watts max (three motors)
Water Lift:150” (largest on gutter cleaning market)
Air Flow Movement:8000 litres per minute
Decibel Level:72 dB
Container Capacity:78 litres
Mains Connection:240v or 110v @ 32 amp
Power Cable Length:10 metres
Weight:Weight: 36 kg
L x W x H (cm):60 x 64 x 114


skyVac® Internal 30:

Motor Wattage:1000 watts
Air Flow Movement:3800 litres per minute
Decibel Level:60 dB
Container Capacity:37 litres
Mains Connection:240v or 110v
Power Cable Length:8 metres
Weight:14 kg
L x W x H (cm):55 x 44 x 90 (including Trolley)

Included as Standard

  • skyVac® Industrial System
  • 6 carbon fibre clamped poles with 9 metre reach (Elite Poles)
  • Recordable camera system
  • 24ft Telescopic Pole
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