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skyVac Internal 78 vacuum Only


The skyVac Internal 78 high-level vacuum is perfect for heavy-duty internal high-access cleaning from the safety of the ground with a sole operator.

The 2600-Watt double motor system powers an impressive airflow of 7166 Litres Per Minute to rapidly remove dust and debris.

This system is perfect for commercial cleaners and facilities managers.

The Internal 78 is compatible with the skyVac poles already in your van, making it ideal for independent contractors looking to upgrade their vacuum or expand their services.

£1,344.00 (Ex.Vat £1,120.00 )

The SkyVac Internal 78 Vacuum Only.

Internal high-level cleaning is an essential part of property maintenance. Regular cleaning is vital in areas with high hygiene standards, such as food preparation. The Industrial 78 also removes the need for high-access equipment, reaching heights up to 40ft from the safety of the ground, meaning less costly downtime for companies.

Robust and Effective:

This vacuum has two 1300-Watt motors that drive the immense 7166 Litres Per Minute airflow. The suction removes dust that would eventually settle on lower-level surfaces.  Capturing dispersed particles at a higher-level means you are guaranteed longer-lasting results between cleans.

Versatile and Mobile:

The Internal 78 has a large drum capacity of 78 Litres and a sturdy all-terrain trolley. With two oversized rear wheels for stability on all terrain and two lockable front castors, the vacuum mobile and able to park whenever needed.

Easy to Empty, Easy to Maintain:

To empty the tank, unclip the motor housing from the drum and then tip the drum on the tilting chassis to empty. The Internal 78 comes with 5x cloth bags for convenient waste removal, but it can function just as well without it!

Additionally, the removable and washable vacuum filter is housed securely behind a protection plate for minimal maintenance. Cleaning the filter regularly with a dry brush will ensure the system continues to run smoothly.

Ideal For:

High-level cleaning and heavy duty internal vacuuming a range of internal environments, including airports, shopping centres and large-scale industrial buildings.

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• Motor Wattage: 2600 watts max (two motors)
• Air Flow Movement: 7166 litres per minute
• Decibel Level: 72 dB
• Container Capacity: 78 litres
• 50mm front entry port
• Click lock Vac-to-hose attachment
• Removable Vac head – secured with latches
• 5 x Filter Dust bags
• All-terrain tipping chassis for ease of movement
• Front locking casters
• Removable Drum
• Removable and washable filter housed securely behind a protection plate
• Mains Connection: 240v
• Power Cable Length: 8 metres
• Weight: 36 kg
• Dimensions: Length 60 cm x Width 64 cm x Height 114 cm

Package Contains

• 1 x skyVac Internal 78
• 1 x All-Terrain Tipping Chassis

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