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skyVac Interceptor Sieve Basket

SkyVac Interceptor Sieve Basket


The skyVac® Interceptor sieve basket, is exclusive to the skyVac® Interceptor gutter vacuum. The sieve collects waste from a gutter and drains the water.

£336.00 (Ex.Vat £280.00 )

SkyVac Interceptor Sieve Basket.

SkyVac Interceptor Sieve Basket. Exclusive to the skyVac® Interceptor gutter vacuum.

The skyVac® Interceptor Sieve Basket fits neatly into the drum of the Interceptor and captures the collected waste from a gutter.

The water is then allowed to drain through the basket and is emptied via the drain hose, fitted on the side of the Interceptor drum.

The drained waste can then be emptied into a black sack and taken off site and disposed of accordingly.

Material: Tough stainless steel construction.

To watch our equipment in action, check out our Youtube Channel here!


Diameter: 40cm
Height: 42cm
Weight: 4.2 kilos

Package Contains

skyVac® Interceptor Sieve Basket

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