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SkyVac Elite Pole

SkyVac Elite Suction Pole


Achieve the perfect working height with the skyVac® Elite Pole.  Engineered from Carbon Fibre, the all in one clamped pole system weighs just 280gms, the lightest weight to size ratio in the gutter cleaning market.  Take your skyVac® Elite system to greater heights with the 1.5mm length pole.

skyVac® Elite Poles for the skyVac® Industrial 85 and Interceptor.

Download The Elite Pole Brochure for more information.

INCLUDED: 1 x skyVac® Elite Pole

£174.00 (Ex.Vat £145.00 )

SkyVac Elite Suction Pole – 1.5m.

SkyVac Elite Suction Pole. Offer incredible suction power and strength with any gutter cleaning job, yet are still very lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

Pair with your existing Elite Poles to create the ideal height for your high level cleaning needs. The Pole features a clamping mechanism to securely connect with other poles.


Key Features:

  • Extremely Lightweight at Just 280gms
  • Incredibly strong suction poles
  • Create your custom height by adding extra length onto your existing Elite pole set
  • Compatible with other Elite Poles, skyVac® Industrial 85, and skyVac® Interceptor

*Download Digital PDF here for more information. 


To watch our equipment in action, check out our Youtube Channel here!


  • Length: 1.5m
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Weight:  280gms
  • Material: Carbon Fibre

Package Contains

1 x skyVac® Elite Pole

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