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Elite Multi Connector

SkyVac Elite Multi Connector Tool


Transform your skyVac® Elite Suction Poles into a multi-use high-level cleaning tool with the addition of the Elite Multi Connector tool.  Simply insert the connector to the end of the Elite pole and then attach the 1) SkyScraper, for roof cleaning 2) Brush head for window, fascia and underside of gutter cleaning.
*Blue Multi-Connector tool only – Elite Poles, SkyScraper Fascia & Soffit Cleaning Brush not included

£34.80 (Ex.Vat £29.00 )

SkyVac Elite Multi Connector Tool.

The skyVac Elite Multi Connector Tool simply fits into skyVac® Elite Suction Poles, to add an extra dimension to the Elite Poles.

With the connector fitted, it will accept the SkyScraper, turning the Elite Poles into a system for removing moss from roofs.

The connector will also accept a fascia and soffit cleaning brush, simply thread a fly lead (window cleaning hose) up through the Elite poles and out of the hole in the Elite Connector to connect onto the brush. For extra flexibility, screw in an Angle Adapter, which can be purchased here.

The Elite poles offer good rigidity, for positive cleaning of window/UPVC and moss removal from roofs.

Key Benefits:

  • Convert your suction pole into a roof cleaning tool
  • Convert your suction pole into a window cleaning/fascia cleaning tool


To watch our equipment in action, check out our Youtube Channel here!


Length 165mm

Weight 50 grams

Package Contains

One Elite Multi Connector Tool Only

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