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skyVac Bacuum – Vacuum Only


Make easy work of challenging cleaning projects with the portable, versatile Bacuum. The lightweight backpack vacuum is ideal for areas with limited space, such as lifts, stairwells, and cinemas.

The Bacuum is also compatible with our suction poles, meaning you can clean up to 28ft high from the safety of the ground. The compatibility of this system makes it perfect for cleaning companies looking to upgrade their high-level vacuum or a sole trader looking to expand the services they provide.



From floor-level dirt to high-level cobwebs, the Bacuum backpack vacuum can reach and remove everything from every nook and cranny, be it a stadium or a church.

Mains or Battery Powered:

For total freedom to clean in tight spots and challenging locations, this backpack vacuum is available either mains powered or battery-powered. The mains-powered option comes with a 15-metre power cord. On the other hand, the battery powered option has a 42-minute run time and one-hour recharge time. You’ll never worry about where your power access points are again!

Comfortable and Lightweight:

This backpack vacuum system weighs just 5.4kg and comes with a padded harness for wearer comfort, allowing you to go where the dirt is. This fully padded harness also includes ergonomically designed shoulder, waist, and chest straps for a fully customisable fit.

Additionally, the canister sits away from the operator’s back, allowing air to circulate and prevent heat build-up.

You can also clip power housing around the waist for easy on/off access and clip any accessories to the side of the drum.

Ideal For:

High-level Internal cleaning, with narrow entrances, including venues, stadiums, and theatres.

Promotional Material:

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You can also see the skyVac vacuums in action- visit the Spinaclean Youtube Channel now for all the latest videos.


Mains: Technical Data

• Voltage: 220-240 V / 50 Hz
• Max. Power: 890 W
• Sound pressure level: 71dB
• Air flow movement: 3408 LPM
• Water lift: 98 inches
• Container material: plastic
• Container volume: 6 litres (gross)
• Filter bag volume: 5 litres
• Length of power cord: 15m
• Length of suction hose: 1.3m
• Diameter of suction hose: 32mm
• Diameter of suction tube: 32mm
• Weight: 5.4kg
• HEPA Filter Bag (Basket)

Battery: Technical Data

• Voltage: 36 V
• Max. Power: 300 W
• Sound pressure level: 67 LpA [dB]
• Air flow movement: 1830 LPM
• Water Lift: 67 inches
• Container Material: Plastic
• Container volume: 6 litres (gross)
• Filter bag volume: 5 litres
• 2x Li-ion battery: 18V, 5Ah
• Length of suction hose: 1.3m
• Diameter of suction hose: 32mm
• Diameter of suction tube: 32mm
• Weight: 6.6kg
• HEPA13 Filter Bag (Basket)
• Battery – Run Time Approx. 42 Minutes
• Battery – Charge Time Approx. 60 Minutes
• Dimensions: L 49.6 x W 26 x H 21.6 cm

Package Contains

Mains Version:

• 15M Power cable
• Power Indication Light
• HEPA Filter Bag (Basket)

Battery Version:

• Quick charger
• 2 x Li-ion battery 18 V 5 Ah
• HEPA Filter Bag (Basket)

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