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SkyVac ATEX A37G Vacuum Only


This compact single-phase Industrial vacuum has a brushless motor and high antistatic filtration system, making it suitable for fine dust and cleaning ATEX Z22 locations. With 1100 Watts of power and 3600 litres per minute of airflow, this is a powerful, ATEX-certified industrial vacuum engineered from base to brush for the safe and effective cleaning of explosive environments.

£4,428.00 (Ex.Vat £3,690.00 )

SkyVac ATEX A7G Vacuum Only.

ATEX Zone 22 is an atmosphere where combustible dust clouds can occur, often during manufacturing or storage processes. Once airborne, the hazardous cloud of particles creates a potentially explosive environment.
It is challenging to keep on top of safe and hygienic high-level in environments prone to airborne combustible dust. The ATEX A37G vac is an explosion-proof, single-phase industrial vacuum suitable for Zone 22 locations, making high-level ATEX cleaning more economical than ever.

Brushless Motor:

The brushless motor system is frictionless, minimising the operational heat and static charge build-up. The ATEX vac’s brushless system also means less wear & tear, and therefore the motors require less maintenance.

Sealed Unit and High Filtration

Preventing airflow from going through the motor housing and over the windings is essential. Combining the high filtration system with a sealed vac head eliminates the risk of stray particles getting into the internal workings. The deep, star-shaped filter is maintainable during use with a “pull clean” feature, which draws air into the system and redistributes dust for improved ongoing performance. The vac head is also earthed to prevent the risk of static charge.

Ideal For:

The SkyVac A37G is suitable for ATEX Zone 22 environments. This ATEX vac can remove dust classes L, M and H, which includes all hazardous dust/explosive dust with OEL values ‹ 0.1mg/m3. Also, dust contaminated with germs and bacteria in ATEX Zone 22.

Suitable for use in the following industries:

  •  Chemical Wood Processing
  •  Plastics
  •  Metal
  •  Pharmaceuticals
  •  Paper
  • Industry
    Also, suitable for use by trade-based businesses with Zone 22 environments such as:
  • Roofers
  • Painters
  • Bakers
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• Motor Wattage: 1100 watts max (single phase)
• Air Flow Movement: 3600 litres per minute (maximum)
• Decibel Level: 73 dB
• Container Capacity: 37 litres
• Mains Connection: 240v or 110v
• Power Cable Length: 7.5m
• Main filter area (cm²): 10000
• Main filter type: Antistatic star filter L-class
• Weight: 42kg
• Dimensions: L 56 cm x W 57 cm x H 124 cm
• Explosion-proof vacuum
• Pull-Clean Filter Cleaning System (while still running)
• Stainless Steel Removable Hopper
• Industrial Trolley with Locking Castors
• Large Filtration Area

Package Contains

• Industrial vacuum (Nilfisk VHS110 Z22)
• 5 metres of 38mm Anti-static Flexi Pick-Up Hose

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