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The SkySweeper / Hybrid SkySweeper


Introducing the all new SkySweeper and Hybrid SkySweeper!

Choose between 100% steel bristles or a hybrid mix of steel and polypropylene bristles, for the ultimate roof cleaning experience.

It’s the perfect addition to any SkyScraper Head & Blade set up!



The SkySweeper / Hybrid SkySweeper.

The SkySweeper / Hybrid SkySweeper. For a thorough roof cleaning experience, get instant results with the SkySweeper.

The ultrathin brush makes light work of moss removal on flat tiles, and cleans up any left over moss from all roofing projects … especially along the ridge!

We recommend the standard skySweeper for general moss removal, the innovative design makes scraping moss easy. The very fine is ideal for knocking moss loose. We recommend our Hybrid skySweeper for those tougher jobs where the moss is extra stubborn. The polypropylene bristles act as extra support giving the tough to remove moss no chance.

Our new SkySweeper & Hybrid Skysweeper is the perfect addition to your SkyScraper Head & Blades set up! Choose between 100% steel bristles or a hybrid mix of steel and polypropylene bristles.



  • Long lasting bristles.
  • Extra wide, for easy coverage.
  • Made of tough material, for a thorough clean.

How do you use it?

Simply attach the SkySweeper / Hybrid SkySweeper to your SkyScraper Head and away you go!


What is the SkySweeper compatible with?

This product will fit onto our SkyScraper Head, to be used in conjunction with our telescopic poles.

Please note the SkyScraper Head is sold seperately, and can be purchased here: SkyScraper® Head & Blades.


To watch our Gutter Vacuums in action, check out our Youtube Channel here!


  • Dimensions: L 295mm x H 105mm W 10mm
  • Bristle Length: 70mm
  • Weight: 280g


  • SkySweeper: Steel
  • Hybrid SkySweeper: Steel & Polypropylene


1 x SkySweeper.

Choose from 1 x SkySweeper With 100% Steel Bristles or 1 x Hybrid SkySweeper with a mix of Steel and Polypropylene Bristles.

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