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SkyScraper Speedi Brushes


Building on the success of the SkyScraper profiled blades and SkySweeper Brushes, the Speedi Brushes combine the best of both products. These profiled brushes fit ten different roof tile styles, allowing you to reach moss growing in the tightest corners.

£240.00 (Ex.Vat £200.00 )

The SkyScraper Speedi Brushes. 

These brushes are compatible with the SkyScraper System (sold separately) The Speedi Brushes can be attached securely to the SkyScraper Head and Telescopic Pole for stable high-level cleaning from the safety of the ground. The polypropylene bristles easily brush away from stubborn roof moss in every nook and cranny.

Customise your roof clean: 

In this package, you receive ten Speedi Brushes to suit ten different roof tile profiles. All that is needed is to select the correct brush to attach to your SkyScraper System (not included) and you’re ready to go!

Remove roof moss in minutes:

Roof moss is unsightly and can effect rainwater drainage, preventing it from reaching the gutter. This water build-up can cause dampness, leading to expensive home repairs.

Hard-wearing and versatile design:

These resilient, profiled brushes are able to dislodge stubborn moss and sweep the remaining crumbs from the roof. The long-lasting polypropylene bristles easily remove roof moss during cleaning.





Weight: 180g per blade

Material: Polypropylene

Dimensions: 29.5 x 1.5 x 10

Included As Standard

10 SkyScraper Speedi Brushes:

  • 1 x Marley Double Roman
  • 1 x Marley Ludlow Major
  • 1 x Marley Ludlow Plus
  • 1 x Marley Mendip
  • 1 x Marley Wessex
  • 1 x Redland Regent
  • 1 x Redland Grovesbury
  • 1 x Redland Renown
  • 1 x Anchor Bold Roll
  • 1 x Flat


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