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Gutter Fork

SkyPole Gutter Fork


The skyVac® Gutter Fork is ideal for breaking up and lifting out dense gutter build up. Compatible with the skyCam telescopic pole which is available in three sizes, the Gutter Fork is a handy tool to have as part of your gutter clearing and inspection equipment.

£57.60 (Ex.Vat £48.00 )

SkyPole Gutter Fork.

The SkyPole Gutter Fork effectively breaks up very dense build up in the gutters, and can lift out clumps of grass and moss that contribute to blockages.

It features an adjustable pivot neck for cleaning at all angles, allowing for access at difficult angles.

It is made from very durable plastic yet is gentle on aluminium gutters so it will not damage or scratch.

Key Features:

  • Only compatible with the SkyPole (SkyCam Telescopic Poles)
  • Effectively breaks apart and lifts out debris clumps in the gutter
  • Pivot neck for angled cleaning
To watch our equipment in action, check out our Youtube Channel here!


  • Material: Plastic
  • Compatible with SkyPole only

Package Contains

  • 1 x Gutter Fork
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