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skyVac Clamped Pole set

SkyVac Clamped Pole Set with Hose, Neck & End Tools


skyVac® innovation = less downtime, & better “UP” time! 

Weighing in at just 350gms per 1.5m, our NEW 50m diameter clamped suction poles are a great upgrade for your gutter vac.  The package includes the skyVac® Vac Release cuff for instant suction control, and the unique skyVac® Anti-Block Hairpin neck tool holder.  Available in three height options up to 40ft, the kit includes vacuum hose, cuffs and end tools.



SkyVac Clamped Pole Set with Hose, Neck & End Tools.

SkyVac Clamped Pole Set with Hose, Neck & End Tools. Faster working, greater control, and all without a weighty upper body work out?

That sounds like a plan!

Our clamped suction pole package is the upgrade that you and your vac have been waiting for.

Both lightweight and rigid thanks to the carbon fibre hybrid construction, the suction poles offer greater control with minimal weight at maximum height.  Clamping together, the high reach poles are quick to set up and secure to use.

Ideal for everyday gutter cleaning for projects up to four storeys high* and gaining easy gutter access over obstacles such as garages, porches and conservatories.  The sturdy pole build, coupled with the skyVac® Vac release cuff and Hairpin neck are perfect for wrestling unwelcome stubborn blockages and turf build up from their gutter homes.

skyVac® Elite Vac Release Cuff*: 
A gutter game changer, giving you instant suction control from the base of the pole.  A simple twist of a cuff cuts suction power from the vacuum, allowing gutter turfs to fall safely to the ground.

skyVac® Anti-Block Hairpin Neck**: 
The “roomier” neck gradient gives gutter clutter such as twigs, moss and turf more room to ease around the bend to prevent blockages.

Unique skyVac® innovation, for less downtime, and more productive up-time! 


skyVac® NEW Clamped Carbon Fibre Suction Pole Set: 

  • Secure clamping mechanism – Top clamp locks the ridged base pole in place.
  • skyVac® Elite Vac Release cuff – 1 pole included in each clamped package.
  • skyVac® Elite Hairpin tool holder – for firmer control and less risk of blockages
  • Each 1.5 metre skyVac® suction pole is made of ultra-lightweight and durable carbon fibre hybrid materials
  • 350gms weight per pole.
  • 50mm diameter poles
  • Interconnecting poles easily slot together – to achieve your desired height up to 40ft.
  • 7.5 metres of Vacuum Hose (50mm diameter)
  • 2 x Cuffs:  50mm Vac to 50mm hose cuff/ 50mm hose to 50mm pole cuff
  • 6 x Tools:  Aluminium Crevice end tool / Aluminium dirt breaker / Aluminium Tapered end tool / Aluminium Long end tool / Aluminium Scalloped End Tool / Elite long soft tool
  • Includes skyVac® branded carry bag to transport and store poles and tools.

*skyVac® Elite Vac Release Pole.  Patent PENDING: Application No: GB1713830.6

**skyVac® Hairpin Neck Tool Holder:  European Community Design Registration Number 008458913


Not sure what’s the right suction Pole for you?

Take a look at our handy pole comparison chart.  From the ultra-lightweight skyVac® Elite suction poles (just 280gms per 1.5m) to the clamped carbon fibre hybrids (at 350gms), we have the right pole to suit your budget and gutter cleaning needs.


To watch our equipment in action, check out our Youtube Channel here!


skyVac® Clamped Pole Specifications:

  • Carbon Fibre Hybrid
  • Weight: 350gms
  • Length: 1.5 Metre
  • Diameter: 50mm

skyVac® Elite Vac Release Cuff:

  • Carbon Fibre
  • Weight: 280gms
  • Length: 1.5 Metre
  • Diameter: 50mm

skyVac® Hairpin Neck Tool Holder:

  • Carbon Fibre
  • Approx: 30 x 24 x 6cm

Package Contains

skyVac® NEW Clamped Carbon Fibre Suction Pole Set: 

  • Clamped carbon fibre hybrid suction poles.
    • Quantity will vary dependent on pole package chosen.
  • skyVac® Elite Vac Release Pole (x 1)
  • skyVac® Elite Hairpin Neck 135 Degree tool holder
  • 7.5 metres of Vacuum Hose (50mm diameter)
  • 2 x Cuffs:  50mm Vac to 50mm hose cuff/ 50mm hose to 50mm pole cuff


Tools & Accessories:

  • Crevice end tool for accessing gutters in tight gaps
  • Aluminium dirt breaker for reducing gutter debris into smaller pieces for removal
  • Aluminium Tapered end tool for accessing small gaps
  • Daily end tool for general gutter clearing
  • Aluminium Long end tool for greater reach for hard to access gutters and downpipes
  • NEW Scalloped End Tool
  • skyVac® Pole and accessory carrying bag

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