skyVac® High Reach Health & Safety Vacuuming

Commercial, Industrial Interior high reach vacuuming systems, suitable for ATEX and other health and safety environments

skyVac® ATEX pole kits have been certified as a complete assembly, for safe use within ATEX 22 explosive dust zones. We understand this is an internationally unique solution. Tested and approved by UK: +44 808 234 1667 to confirm as a pole assembly. skyVac® certificate number EMT17ATEX0019X

ATEX is an abbreviation for "Atmospheres Exposables"

Explosive atmosphere can contain flammable gases, mists or vapours, or combustible dust. If there is a sufficient concentration of these substances, mixed with air, an ignition source can cause an explosion. The skyVac® ATEX system takes away the ignition source.

What kind of dust is combustible
Examples of potential combustible dust include: cereals, flour, starch, sugar, animal feed, light metals, coal, plastics, textiles, etc.



Important Certification Note: X Category Classification Versions:

X Category 1

Fully tested and connected
as a pole set

SkyVacs category

X Category 2

Tested as individual components
Maintenance Scheduling



For more information, please visit the government information page at:

Spinaclean developed the brand skyVac® Gutter Cleaning Equipment to offer the market place an innovative and safe method of cleaning gutters from ground level. This ultra-light system has firmly established itself in over 35 Countries as the premium and trusted brand

In 2013 we developed and marketed the very first ATEX high reach system. Since then we have honed the design to create the lightest and most versatile system in the World.

  • Fully Certified by Element
  • 100% Carbon Fibre sections
  • 100% Free of metal parts
  • Antistatic Carbon Fibre tool Holders
  • Only 186 Grams per Metre the Worlds Lightest


SKYVAC – Domestic Gutter Cleaning Machines

Carbon Fibre Tool Holders

SKYVAC – Domestic Gutter Cleaning Machines

Carbon Fibre
Hose Cuff Connector

SKYVAC – Domestic Gutter Cleaning Machines

Clip free, rapid pole connecting

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Risk Assessment (ATEX)

If this vacuum cleaner is used for collecting flammable / explosive materials or within a zoned area classified under the ATEX 137 Directive 1999/92/EC then a risk assessment must be carried out by a competent person to verify the suitability of the application.

The risk assessment will be the responsibility of the customer / end user and should take into account but not be limited to the characteristics of the material being collected such as:

  1. Spark ignition sensitivity
  2. Hot surface ignition sensitivity (cloud)
  3. Hot surface ignition sensitivity (layer)
  4. Explosion severity
  5. Burning behaviour
  6. Thermal instability
  7. Chemical instability
  8. Static electricity generation
  9. Impact of collected material
  10. The ATEX certification code for the appliance being assessed. (See the rating plate on the machine).

High-power vacuum cleaners, ATEX-certified high-power vacuum cleaners, offers important safety standards, with truly incredible vacuum power.

Our vacuums are certified for ATEX Dust Zone 22


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