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A Gutter Vacuum Systems Guide

Is there a safe way to clean gutters?

Yes, absolutely! Cleaning gutters can be a dangerous and tedious chore – if you’re doing it the old-fashioned way.

Climbing up and down ladders. Picking up and moving ladders about the property.

Scooping out messy gutter debris by hand and getting filthy in the process.  And you can only get the big stuff, like leaves, twigs and turf.  The fine sediment is impossible to get.  It won’t wash away.  And it’s such a fertile soil that the weeds will grow back in no time. 

So, if a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing properly and that’s the beauty of a gutter cleaning machine.

A thorough, spotless gutter clean, all from the safety of the ground. 

No ladders, no mess, no brainer! 


What is a Gutter Vacuum?

A gutter vacuum system is a heavy-duty industrial grade wet and dry vacuum that can specifically be used for gutter clearance.  It harnesses the two dimensions of suction power –  Inch Water Lift and LPM Air Flow, to whisk away dirt and extract even the most deep rooted gutter growths. 

  • Inch Water Lift:  Is the “weightlifting” strength of suction.
  • LPM Air flow : Is the litres per minute air flow which relates to the speed.

The gutter vac uses high reach suction poles to access gutters up to 4 storeys high and over obstacles such as conservatories and garages.  Designed to be lightweight and rigid, high access suction poles are typically made of carbon fibre but also available in aluminium.


How is a gutter vac different from a house hold vacuum?

Unlike a standard household vacuum, a wet and dry system is engineered to cope with water and heavy, damp debris thanks to its unique construction.

The two-part cleaning equipment consists of the motor unit and a collection chamber.

The internal workings of the motor unit are well insulated and kept separated from the debris to prevent damage or risk of electrocution. 

The collection cannister or drum is typically constructed of hardwearing polypropylene or steel to cope with high velocity gutter clutter which enters through a vac suction port.


How Does a Gutter Vacuum Work?


The motor unit sits over the vacuum collection drum.  With the motor activated, the rotating fan creates a suction vacuum, forcing air, containing gutter debris into the drum.  As the air and debris races into the system, the pressure and air flow slows over the drum, allowing dirt and liquid particles to drop out of the air stream and collect in the bottom of the drum.

With all the mess contained, and with your feet firmly on the ground, the question is, why aren’t you using a gutter vacuum to clean gutters.

How does a gutter vacuum work

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