Here are a selection of testimonials we have received from satisfied customers, happy with the products they have purchased from us and/or the first class pre and after sales support we offer.

"This is why I bought a skyVac®"

Marcus Hockey from SkyLine, sent us a video of the skyVac,® Industrial Gutter Cleaning Machine in action. Titled simply, 'Why I bought a skyVac®'.

"A Total Success!"

"The feedback on your skyVac® system from my team has been fantastic. It is refreshing to buy something over the phone and the product delivered exactly matched your description and promises. Within two days, we have used the system on five blocks of apartments, with total success "

James Ackrill, Chairman
centrick property
Centrick Property

"Amazing - a Joy To Use"

"I would like to thank Andy at Spinaclean, for his help and knowledge in dealing with my purchase.

I had initially bought a gutter cleaning systems alloy pole gutter cleaner, the poles were heavy, and difficult to use, the extractor was difficult to move and hard to empty and had I not found sky vacs system my business would not have got off the ground.

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I remember the first gutter clean I did with my skyVac® system, it was so much easier that it made me laugh. The carbon fibre poles fit together quickly and the flexible heads are amazing, making cleaning any gutter completely easy.

The skyVac® extractors are a joy to use, they move easily, are strong, very well made and tip to empty.

The camera system although more than the original I purchased. Actually works and works very well. It has a good battery life, is very stable and the whole thing feels and looks very professional as many of my customers tell me.

If you are deciding on a gutter cleaning system but are put off by the cost and are tempted by cheaper systems please remember the saying you get what you pay for.
The skyVac® system will easily pay for itself so much quicker. We have found that we can on average fit in an extra 1 -2 jobs a day thanks to the speed and ease of use of the skyVac®. This is because you can change the poles and heads in a matter of seconds, whereas with the alloy poles you have to tighten every clip every time you change something and this takes so much longer, not to mention the extra strain on you back.
The after sales service of skyVac® has been first rate as well and I cannot rate them highly enough as a company."

Mr Duffield
Gutter Force

"An Asset to the Business"

"After 12 months use, the skyVac® gutter cleaning system, continues to be an asset
to the business. The skyVac® Commercial Vacuum provides superb suction power,
and the carbon fibre poles are very light and easy to manoeuvre. The system gives access to previously restricted areas, such as gutters above conservatories, allowing the potential to increase customer numbers. We have recently invested in our 3rd machine."

Jonathan Pardoe
PGJ Services

"Saved Time, Safer to use, Increased Profits!"

"Just wanted to drop off a quick word of thanks, for the advice and help with the skyVac® system.

We recently carried out a high level, internal clean of a large bakery.

Prior to buying the kit, we were thinking of hiring in access equipment to do the work. The risks involved with this was a nightmare, i.e staff training only able to work at the weekend, when the bakery was shut etc.

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The vac system saved a load of stress to us and the customer.

We also have just finished doing a industrial gutter clean, and again the system came into it's own.

This site has been previously cleaned during the night with cherry pickers and two staff working thru the night.

We were able to do the job yesterday in 5 hours and during normal hours, not only did this save us time and was a lot safer for the operatives, we were also able to increase the profit on the job.

There was no recovery or down time for the lads as they weren't working at night.

So guys a huge thanks for all the help."

Kevin QCS {Lanark} Ltd

"A Great Machine"

"I recently bought a machine from you and would like to say the skyVac® is a great machine, very pleased with it...."

Mark - Jet Drainage

"Thanks for your on going support"

Hi Guys

Just to let you know that the machine has arrived safely at my house, i will be having a play with it in the morning on my own driveway then have my first paid job on monday for 1,350.00 euros!!

Thanks for your on going support

Kevan, Malaga

"A Total Revelation"

"Your gutter vacuum has been a total revelation for my business, many thanks!"


"Very Impressed"

"We used the skyVac® yesterday and I am very impressed."

Peter Jones - PJ Pest Control

"Pole Sets are Amazing"

Hi I bought a pole set from you 6 months ago, just wondering if there is any difference between these inspection cameras and the ones on your web site been sold also.. Pole sets are amazing by the way :-)


"We Love It!"

Our first feeling enthusiastic us, this product looks professional, strong, very light and bags are very good looking. Congratulations, we love it. I will make a demo this morning for 2 companies interested, it’s a beginning, one system is practically sold the other one we have good chances to finish the sale today.

Best regards, Gilles

"You Buy Right and Buy Once"

The way the system simply slots together,you soon realise what you are paying for, I am glad I bought these at the start,I can only imagine what it would be like trying to lift and hold 6x50mm diameter alloy poles,I am sure with these carbon poles, you buy right and buy once,thanks for the advice and I am sure this business venture when fully established will pay for itself in no time.

Regards, Paul

"Outstanding Support!"

Thank you for all your help you helped me make my decision with your outstanding support.

Albert Adams, South Carolina USA

"Thank you!"

Just received the filter covers and the extension neck for the deep gutters. Thank you for both, it was good of you to supply them without charge. It makes a pleasant change to be supported 'after sale' in such an effective way, thank you again!

Richard Spandler